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Writing your book and having your book published are both very exciting. Now, you just need to get the word out, and have some fun doing it  If you believe in your book, and are enthusiastic about it, then why not convey that exuberance at your book signing?


Readers are eager to meet the "celebrity" behind the book. At your book signing event you will learn what readers like, as well as dislike, about your book. To get the most out of your time at your event, take some notes and make the event an educational experience for you: get ideas for your next book! What are your readers yearning for? What was missing in your current book that you  can expound upon in your next? There's always the opportunity for more content, you just need to find the missing niche.


Let's review the process of how the event will go:

  1. You'll find a comfortable spot at table most likely provided by the bookstore or venue. You can find out before your event if the venue will supply the table, chairs, table covering, easel, etc. Also ask if they will supply printed signs for your table. This is a good plan to make with your manager.

  2. Make your book signing table inviting. No clutter, but maybe a pop up and extra copies of your book. It's always wise to have business cards on hand - you can even order them in a shape of a bookmark! Have a notepad too (see #8).

  3. Supply your own trusted and favorite pen. We suggest an archival safe one (and a backup just in case the ink runs out!) Bring a few extra cheap pens as well.

  4. As the first person in line approaches your table, they'll hand you their copy of your book. In some instances, they may not own a copy, so you can offer them a paper book plate. Have a stack ready. 

  5. Decide where you want to write - on the glossy book cover or the title page?

  6. Know how you want to autograph your book. A "special signature" can be worthy. This signature is different from the one you use when you sign documents or checks. For example, I add a unique curve/line to my signature. 

  7. Whatever you decide to write must be legible, the spelling has to be right (including their name - so ask if you're not sure how to spell their name!)

  8. Ask your fan is they would like a special, particular message. Have a pad of paper available for them to write the note and then you can copy it verbatim. 

  9. If you are signing at a Book Launch or close to the release date of your book, date your message. You never know when and if your book will be worth millions one day!

  10. Do not make your fan feel rushed - treat each one as your "biggest fan."

  11. Remember, fans will advertise for you - they have social media accounts, go to bookclubs and associate with other avid readers. Be friendly!

  12. Let your fans take a "selfie" with you. Perhaps encourage each group to take a photo with you and post to Instagram or Facebook.


Have fun! Smile and be engaged with each fan. Experience your book signing event with focus and presence. This is meant to be fun for you too!



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