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What to Write When Signing your Book

Writing your book and having your book published is very exciting. Now, you just need to get the word out, and have some fun doing it.  If you believe in your book, and are excited about it, then why not convey that excuberance at a book signing.
Readers are excited to meet the "celebrity" behind your book. You will also learn what readers like and dislike about your book. Take some notes, and make the event an educational experience for you; get ideas for your next book.

Pen in hand, sitting at your table at the bookstore, book opened to the first page, and your fan standing infront of you, what do you write. Whatever your decide to write, make sure your note is legible and write their name correctly.  If you need to ask the spelling of your fan's name, ask. You don't want your book laying in the bookstore manager's office with an incorrect name or inscription. Don't make your fan feel rushed; why not treat the person standing infront of you as your "biggest fan". Fans will advertise for you.  They have facebook, go to bookclubs, and talk to people.  Try to turn that book signing moment into a positive and fun event.



Use the right pen. Are you writing on a glossy book cover, or on the Title Page.  Avoid smearing, avoid bleeding, if possible use an archival safe pen. Have a backup pen.

Make your book table signing inviting. No clutter. Let your fans take a "selfie with you", and perhaps encourage them to post to Instagram of Facebook. 

Find out before your event, if the venue supplies a table, chairs, table covering, easel, etc....  Will the venue supply printed signs for your table?  Plan ahead with the manager.

Bring some business cards with you. Someone may be interested in your website. Perhaps make business cards in the shape of a bookmark.

Keep a stack of paper book plates with you. Be prepared if someone bought your book or plans to buy your book.  

You may want have a "special signature" when signing books... different when you sign documents or checks.  I add a unique curve/line to my signature if book signing.

If your fan wants a special message to them, why not?  But have a pad of paper available for them to write the note, then you can copy it.  Bring some cheap pens with you for them to use.

If you are signing at Book Launch or close to the release date, date your note. Have fun with the newness of your book.  You never know, if that book will be worth big bucks some day, with your signature.

Have fun! Smile and be engaged with each fan.